Too Little, Too Late, Too Douchey, Dean McDermott

5/8/2014 10:30 AM PDT, by
We don't need to tell you this (again), but man, is Dean McDermott the douchiest douche you've ever seen or what? Something about him is just so absolutely disgusting -- probably it's that thing where he cheated (or "cheated," depending on your perspective) on his wife, poor, simple Tori Spelling, and continuously says the most horrible things on the reality show that he stars in about cheating on his wife. That could be it. But no matter what makes him disgusting, he is, in fact, disgusting, and it really and truly does not help that he never, ever does anything to change our minds.

For instance, do you know what yesterday was? It was Dean and Tori's wedding anniversary! It kind of seems like the worst timing, this whole affair/reality show mess, but yesterday was their anniversary, and Dean was spotted out shopping for some presents. And where did he go? Victoria's Secret. He went to Victoria's Secret and bought some bras or panties or what have you. Is that an appropriate gift from your husband who cheated on you with "a warm body" and who said, on national television, that he didn't like having sex with you? Would that really be a nice little show of affection in these circumstances? Answer: NO.

You know, this guy can stop being so awful any time now, really.


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752 days ago

I am so embarrassed to say that that's cool Dean McDermott is a Canadian.he is the most self centered a hole I have seen full of himself selfish piece of trash.

752 days ago

How do you know it was for Tori?

752 days ago

Seriously?!? They are still together, so why wouldn't he buy his wife something from Victorias Secret?? And why does it matter? Not defending the guy, what he did was complete douche baggery but obviously they are trying to fix things. AND, watching the show - I never saw anything saying that she sucks in bed but that sex isn't the same, which she has even stated...and anyone with children can attest, things change.

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752 days ago

for himself to wear? you never know, he said he has a problem...

752 days ago

Well, Tori isn't exactly innocent in all this. She did have an affair with Dean when they made a movie in Canada WHILE he was still married to his 1st wife soooooooo....he's scum all around. What made her really think he would never cheat on her, he did it to his preggo 1st wife so, come on they really are both at fault. I feel sorry for the kids, hope they get home schooled.

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752 days ago

This author chick Emily really is a bitter pill, don't you think? Try getting laid Emily, maybe reality will set in!

752 days ago

I bet tori loves victoria secret so he purchased something she would love, stop being so damn ignorant.

752 days ago

I think it's all a box hoax. They'll do anything for money.

752 days ago

Rip-off those panties from her crotch (like a hungry wolf)Dean; then stuff her lose VJJ with your super-energize trophy. Think turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Don't be expecting for seconds....for a while.

You two deserve each other.

752 days ago

I guess it could have been worse, a toaster perhaps.

752 days ago this the same Emily Dean cheated with?

752 days ago

This writer, and I use this term loosely, Emily Trainham, is quite judgmental. Frankly, who are you to mettle in their marriage after watching a "Reality Show" about his escapades? I'm certainly not defending Dean but why do you think your opinion is so highly valued? Fishwrapper needs to re-think these articles, because NOBODY CARES WHAT YOUR WRITERS THINK!!!

752 days ago

UH, Tori was married when she started sleeping with Dean, she's a liar and a cheat too, is everyone forgetting this? She did to her then husband what Dean is doing to her! The only reason she's not cheating on Dean is because she stupidly saddled herself with four kids. Hope she's learned what birth control is or got herself "fixed" after the last one, the last thing these two losers need is another child! And no way I would ever allow my husband back inside me after he's been in someone else, that's just gross and sick, I'd be filing for divorce, I'm not desperate like she is, who else is going to want her? She's got a horses face and four kids, no decent, sane guy would hook up with this TV show exhibitionist airing her pathetic life and dirty laundry for the world to see!

752 days ago

I don't feel bad for Tori Spelling. in a 2008 interview, she said that she didn't feel remorse over cheating on her first husband because in Dean (who was cheating with her on his then wife as well) she found a soul mate. So a cheater, married a cheater, who she cheated on her first husband with, and now is upset that the cheater (this cheater) married cheated on her, the cheater who had no remorse for cheating in her first marriage... and we're suppose to feel bad for either of them? Please.

752 days ago

Actually I think Dean should dump Tori. Yes he cheated, but she is a known cheater also. Plus after watching their show I find her repulsive myself, she is no better than he is. She is be so over dramatic for the camera's it's just gross. Tori basically stopped having sex with Dean after Liam was born and really only had sex to have more kids. She was cold toward him in the bedroom and they were living as roommates. No woman should expect a man should be faithful under those conditions. Sorry but true that is NO marriage. I'm no Dean OR Tori fan but she was not being a wife so he went elsewhere for attention. I've read from article from co-stars that she can be nasty to work with and a bitter b!tch to be around.

I think Dean is a much better father caregiver to the children than she is a mother. She is cold to the children talks at them not to them. The kids especially Liam wants her attention so badly and just a simple hug from her and she has no emotions toward the kids and it's really sad to watch. She doesn't care for those kids when the camera's aren't there, she has 2 full-time nannies. Dean is a trained professional chef and actually cooks all meals for the family and gives them real attention. Watch how happy & excited & how much fun they have when he's in the room. Tori get mad and jealous with her eye rolling and walks away.

752 days ago

who cares.. they both cheated and I ask why would she be shocked that he did it to her. and again who cares.

Lisa Johnson
751 days ago

Well, it beats a toaster or a vacuum cleaner.

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