Tori Spelling Might Be Making The Dumbest Choice of Her Life

5/9/2014 9:00 AM PDT, by
When you think of bad choices that Tori Spelling has made in her life, you're probably going to come up with a big long list of things, with good ol' douchey Dean McDermott right there at the top. But now we're hearing that there might be something that Tori's doing that's even dumber than Dean, if you can imagine. Because according to the Daily Mail, Tori needs a major surgery, but she's not getting it because she's worried about how it will affect her marriage. Awesome.

Allegedly, Tori has a couple of disintegrated disks in her neck, and she's in a lot of pain because of it. Her doctors have been telling her that she needs surgery to repair the situation, but apparently she won't do it because it would take weeks to recover, and she's worried that all that time off would damage her marriage. Basically, it sounds like if she had this surgery, she wouldn't be able to continue milking her messy marriage for publicity, and that just wouldn't be good. SAD.

Look, if this is really happening, then it really is one of the saddest things we've heard about Tori's relationship. She's so dedicated -- mistakenly dedicated, but dedicated nonetheless -- to her marriage that she's willing to foolishly avoid getting an important surgery that might rock that sinking boat a little, and Dean's so dedicated to his marriage that he sleeps around. Sounds healthy, right? Wrong. Oh so very, painfully wrong.

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748 days ago

What do you mean "if this is really happening?" Do you not check any sources to find out before writing articles about crap you know nothing about?

748 days ago

She's a dumb shit!!

1 Reply
Patricia Butler
748 days ago

"Look, if this is really happening..."

Maybe you should wait until you actually KNOW if this is really happening before you report [cough cough] ths story.

748 days ago

They deserve each other.... She is nuts and he is disgusting....

1 Reply
748 days ago

she is a dumb as a rock

748 days ago

SICK, on the last episode there was a moment when the little boy (LIAM) had a moment with his dad.
LIAM asked his father, "what did you do, tell me, tell me" with a beeming smile on his face. DOUCHE says, "It doesn't matter" the boy then asks DOUCHE (with a smile from ear to ear, cute)"Is it something funny? and DOUCHE with a firm fatal voice said, "no."


Bull's eye should keep LIAM AWAY FROM the camera. HOPE HE DOESN'T GET TEASED IN SCHOOL.



She wants "Her story out" at any cost. What mother does that REALLY??? Her main concern should be her kids not public opinion....."I just want tell my sory"


748 days ago

Maybe she just doesn't want the surgery?! Maybe she wants to try an alternative like Chiropractic before going under the knife? I could care less either way if she is with her husband or not.. Just saying, going under the knife is a HUGE deal. I would opt for the chiropractor before the surgery.

748 days ago

This woman keeps putting herself in Hospital for Stress she has 4 children she needs to suck it up for her children. What a couple of losers I hope her mother steps in and takes the kids away from them both.

748 days ago

I must admit that she really needs to leave his butt and take care of her children alone and let him ho dwell in some other girl. Wow, it's very sad to see her like this over a jerk I must admit. He is a looser

748 days ago

This is BS........ You don't even check 'facts'......

747 days ago

I have watched you be torn apart by this whole ordeal and try, and try, to forgive, but we know you can't. When you hear that someone has cheated, taken your trust and used them against you, you can't ever forget, whether you love him or not. Your children will always have him, but you cannot be complete anymore, or be the mother you should if you keep him in your life. You can hire wonderful nannies, or heck, I would even come help you, but, you are hurt and his "breakdowns" are manipuliative and he still won't let you say what you need to say. You are a wonderful person and god speed that you realize, even with four children, you do not need him as a husband.. He is gone to you and you will never reconcile, because you are better, you deserve more and you have us all behind you.


747 days ago

It's hard for me to have any sympathy for her being she and Dean were both married to other people when they got together. As for as the kids she can't handle taking care of them from what I saw on the show. Don't know what happened to the nannies she had before on the other reality shows she did prior to this one. Looks to me Liam is out of control by his behavior sure this airing of all their marital and financial problems is a major cause. Tori's brother received the same amount of money from their fathers estate and according to his bio he's worth 10 million dollars now,happily married with several children. So, Tori has not handled her money or her life is the reason she's in the financial and marital state she's in. Dean does have a new gig on Chopped Canada as the host,Tori needs to get a legit acting job and stop with these desperate reality shows. Don't wish her any ill will but her life the way it is now is of her own making.

kate the great
747 days ago

apparently you can't read, you fucking moron because it clearly says in the story that a source to a different publication told that particular publication the story.

747 days ago

Tori is a beautiful person..If she feels the need to fight for her marriage then it is between Dean and herself. I don't agree with airing your dirty laundry on TV, however it may open up Dean's eyes to what he has done to Tori and their children. I hope that you 2 can work it out, but if not then it wasn't meant to be...

747 days ago

Beautiful??? WTF

They should leave their kids out of their scheme. Expecially LIAM and ESTELA.

I mean how do explain that in SCHOOL??? their friends and BULLIES.

Does HORSE-FACE understands how confussing and hurtful THIS must BE TO LIAM and ESTELLA??

BeaUty??? Please, ROTTEN..YES!!!

742 days ago

Geez...Tori Spelling 'stupid'! Listen little entered a 'cheating' relationship. Soul mate? Only in the begininng. You cheated..he cheated. You are so controlling/demanding. You Tori needs more changing than Dean. You can't open up...dang! Not soul mates but two people with personality differences. You guys are forcing a relationship on two different types personality. Not going to work.
He needs to be free in his own way...You need to be free in Your own way. Sickening to watch this. Tho Dean did long is he going to be persecuted? You Tori that cannot express...will torture him and hang this over his head the rest of your lives. Move on.
Cheating as been going on since the beginning of life. Either move on and let it go...or Get out. You are both disturbed. Dean just expressed it in a bad way. Controlling Tori...I couldnt put up with you at all!

Freddy Newcomer
23 days ago

I feel sorry for Torri. She has not aged well at all and it's only going to get worse. She has no cheek bones which makes her look like a horse, and those bulging eyes don't help a bit. Unfortunately, plastic surgery doesn't help someone with extreme issues as hers, so she's pretty much stuck! She got the bug eyes from her mama, as it's obvious looking at the photos on line. As far as the long face, who knows, but the poor thing is stuck with it in the spot light of the world! Too bad she was forced into an acting career by her dad, because she really doesn't belong there with no talent and looks!