LeAnn Rimes Is Just as Disappointing as Ever

5/11/2014 5:30 AM PDT, by
LeAnn Rimes
is basically the queen of "I put myself in a bad situation, but I don't understand why bad things are happening," and it's the most ridiculous, most frustrating thing to watch. She can tweet all day long, all these catty little remarks about Brandi Glanville or what have you, and then when people call her catty, she doesn't understand where that comes from. It's like she could go for a walk and someone could comment "LeAnn went for a walk" and she'd be all "how DARE you?!" She can't deal with facts, and that's what makes her a mess.

Speaking of messes, let's check out some quotes from a new interview, shall we?

On her current state:

“I’m kind of restructuring my whole life. I’m kind of having a panic attack. It’s exciting and terrifying. But I’m excited to get new, fresh blood around me and understand where I’m headed now as a 31-year-old woman and not a kid.”

This sadness:

“The past five years, I guess, my celebrity side of things has taken over. Unfortunately, the music kind of got buried. But that’s what I expect and hope will change. I’m so proud of that record, and I know there’s so much more there. I love to sing.”

On how hard it is to be a bonus mom and how "someone" makes it harder:

“Living in a blended family, there’s always going to be some turmoil, but the kids are fantastic. Eddie and I have a very quiet, normal life. Unless someone needs to use it to spin the press for some reason to try and mess with us.”

It's all nonsense, all of it. "My celebrity side of things has taken over," like she doesn't understand why that happened. And didn't you just love that little swipe at Brandi at the end there, that "unless someone needs to use it to spin it" bit? This is just one more thing that's going to make her seem like an obnoxious jackass, and it's just one more thing that's going to make people focus less on her music. It's really not that hard to figure out how that works, is it? 
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749 days ago

Keep on rocking LeAnn, we see both sides.

1 Reply
749 days ago

Seriously,what's with all the hate? Is the author of this article best friends with Brandi or on her payroll? If anything, Brandi is the one that can't let go and keeps dragging this into the light. It's been 5 years now, she needs to let it go. Not to mention that Brandi admitted to cheating during their marriage so she's no innocent victim here.

3 Replies
749 days ago

Trying too hard to stir up shoot, you stink, fishwrapper. Head help you with your readership!

749 days ago

Tara, Brandi did not admit to cheating. Get your facts straight. Leann needs both good and bad press to feed her ego. I think at this point , no amount of restructuring of her life is going to make people like her. She is just too self centered.

Leann is a childhood star who never learned to be gracious or humble. period.

Emily Trainwreck
749 days ago

I could care less about either of them. Emily, you spend way to much energy on something that doesn't concern you. It's between LeAnn and Brandi. Who the f*ck cares?! Brandi can't move forward and uses it to stay relevant and LeAnn is full of herself.Ridiculous drama!

1 Reply
748 days ago

It takes 'two', she's not in this alone as the 'ex' is doing her share of bashing as well.....

748 days ago

Didn't she JUST post the stepmother tweet? Was she provoked to do that or just couldn't help herself?

748 days ago

Ummm Leanne who? Sorry but if you wreck my home I have a lifetime pass to badmouth you. I seriously doubt she would have been so bold if she saw a future in which Brandi was on a hit TV show. Sour grapes much?!

748 days ago

Brandi is a drunk.

1 Reply
748 days ago

I love to read all the hate comments from people who "hate" what the writer is writting about. To me, it's just pure commen sense that if you don't like what is said, or how the article is written, then DONT READ IT, DUHHHHH.......people are always trashing the writer of any article but yet, they are the ones reading it. If you are sick of reading or hearing about someone or something, then no one is forcing you to sit there and read it. Your the reason she is in business. You read it and get into it, then as if you know the person they are writting about personally, you attack the writer. I think it's so funny to see all the hate toward the actual writer. It's so pathetic and childish, that it's entertaining. People just need someone to hate on I guess. But seriously, if you can't stand FIshwrapper, then DONT READ IT DUHHHHH.....LIKE USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

2 Replies
748 days ago

I think if you're here to read the article it's fine to give an opinion on what the article is about but all these snarky comments and hate about the authors and the web site is getting old. If you don't like what they write or their view of the story, move on. As far as LeAnn, she seems delusional, it is her with all the twitter alerts and bikini pics every other day, she can't blame it on "someone" who wants to spin it and use it, she, of course, does the same thing.

748 days ago

Leanne..have always been on ur side..love u..do not let bandi get too u!
U r a class act..this fellow u got..eddie..u r so much better..send him back to brandi..u rso much better! Let them b the trash they r!

1 Reply
748 days ago

Who cares they are both butt ugly. Really is that the best he can do I guess money looks good no matter what..