How About That for a Load of Bizarre Bigotry?

5/13/2014 2:30 PM PDT, by

We all know what Kirk Cameron thinks about gay marriage -- it's "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization," and it's "unnatural" and "detrimental," and if one of his sons was gay, he'd just tell him that "just because you feel one way doesn’t mean we should act on everything we feel" --but what you might not know is how far into the wacky hole he's willing to go to spread his homophobic message. Because in this new video for something called Alliance Defending Freedom, Kirk is begging for money so that he can help all the poor people who are shunned for being bigots. No, really, that's what this is about.

It's OK, you don't have to watch the whole thing, you can protect your brain cells and your sanity. But if you skip ahead to around 20 minutes in, you can get the gist of it. The gist of it being that there are real people who believe that when people promote gay rights (or, you know, civil rights, because that's what they are) and when people fight for equality, those people are being "anti-Christian" and indeed, even anti-American, and they need to be stopped. When college campuses hold gay pride events, they are "indoctrinating" their students, and when those same campuses try to discourage students from being intolerant to others, well, that's just the worst thing that ever happened.

It's just bizarre, it really is. Kirk is complaining about getting persecuted for persecuting others. It's mind boggling. If Kirk and all the people who are backwards like Kirk have the right to preach their beliefs -- which they most certainly do -- then the rest of us have the right to call them out on it. We don't need to get into all the specifics, like about how colleges also have the right to the kind of groups that form on campus, but let's just say that freedom of speech works both ways. And let's all just thank the heavens that we have the freedom to call Kirk Cameron an offensive, hateful jackass. 

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744 days ago

I actually found the video to be very articulate of Cameron's (and the foundations) political, social and religious beliefs. They are entitled to their beliefs and to request donations for people that share those values. In no way do they condemn the person for things like abortion or homosexuality rather the actions of these people which they find contradicts their religious beliefs (i.e. forcing nurses to attend abortions when their core values disagree with the act). Cameron is a known devout Christian, and if he follows these principles, God tells us not to hate the person, but not to be complacent with sin. He is criticizing sin, not the person.

Personally, I also went to a very liberal and LGBT friendly campus. I had friends that were gay and they completely understood my feelings - I didn't hang around them any less because of their sexual preference. It's not like I didn't have my own problems to deal with - I wasn't perfect either. But I do feel there was a double standard where if you had a problem with homosexuality you were "close minded" and a "bigot". I hardly see myself that way, but I don't have to succumb mobs of people telling me how my moral compass should point.

As for this article, however, I find it inflammatory, provocative and steaming with generalizations and blanket statements. Such as "skip ahead 20 minutes" or "don't want to waste your brain cells" or "we don't need to get into specifics." You have little points in this blog, aside from disseminating hate for someone that disagrees with you views. As I writer, I think you should really have something with more substance and less rhetoric.

744 days ago

People may be getting more and more tolerant to things but always remember God is very intolerant to certain things. So you have to pick a side. God says homosexuals are abominable beasts worthy of death in his eyes. To warn people of this is loving. Flee from the wrath of God. God does NOT love everyone. God said he loved Jacob and HATED Esau. Obey and be blessed, disobey and be cursed.

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744 days ago

Actually, looking at your most recent blogs, Emily Trainham, you look to have an agenda with Cameron and are little interested in facts and more interested about a smear campaign with two un-newsworthy blogs regarding Cameron in the last 7-days.

I don't know if you are trying to score points with Harvey Levin, your openly gay boss, but it is clear you are going about it the wrong way. Even he was beside himself with how a network (HGTV) pulled the plug on people expressing their beliefs on marriage (even if he disagrees with them). People like you aid in silencing others' opinions but your own. You should be ashamed, not only for your poor writing and lack of substance and clear hypocrisy:

Diana Cannava
744 days ago

I have never posted on any site like this but felt the need to. I understand that this ad was painted to show that peoples freedom of speech and religion were being persecuted. Of course that should not be tolerated, but did you all happen to research these cases before deciding to leave a comment???
The two Georgia Tech ladies were not banned from speaking their beliefs they were speaking out about revoking rights of "gay" students on campus. The campus doesn't tolerate messages that defame anyone, including "Christians" or anyone of a particular faith. Shame on this Alliance for spinning the story, shame on all media for presenting the facts in a complimentary light towards their own agenda. Oh and if you want to make a point whoever rights this take a min and do so well by actually reporting on the topic. It's sad that this important issue turns in to more rubbish. Yeah, life isn't perfect, I can't give medical information out due to HIPPA... does that then take away my constitutional rights?? I mean, you can spin the argument however you want. Institutions are allowed to set rules and regulations, not to alway HURT people but to keep injustice and unrest from disturbing an environment which is based on education. If these ladies wanted to condemn national coming out week, then they could have taken 20 steps of the property and had every possible right to do what they please. Just like the lovely church they pickets gay funerals for sport. I am sorry to keep on going on.. but Christians are far from prosecuted on a scale of world issues and lack of rights. Religion had crowded or government and country which is supposed to be separate from such. So sorry, I don't agree with the fear of our country breaking down into godless nation. Oh and the nurse/abortion part, unreal... those are pretty horrible doctors and nurses if they chose to say "is it dead yet" as someone in the medical field.. that doesn't happen. There are a ton of ethical situations that stump the medical field.. however, your mission is to assist people with THEIR rights. That is the the work and field you decided to pursue. If there was someone who had murdered someone and needed medical help.. would you not help them? What if someone worshiped another God that didn't like yours?? Would you not help them? What if someone was gay?? I understand not wanting to "assist" aka hold someones hand who made a painful decision... but where do you draw the line??? Thanks for letting me rant a bit.

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Diana Cannava
744 days ago

*writes not rights.. sorry didn't edit and correct before posting.

Daniel McMillan
744 days ago

Emily Trainham is nothing more than an Evil Bitch, end of story.

744 days ago

There are too many god's around the world.

OMG....His god other people gods????

Life is too short to be wasted on raticals. We should rejoice, embrace, and celebrate humanity ....for how far its come.

I don't understand homosexuality, but isn't there is more to a human-beings than their sexualiy?

I know there is more to me than my "hetosexual" identity. My sexuality is just a tiny fraction of who I am.

It seems to me that a "hetosexual child rappest" would have a better change of being accept into Kirks church and promised their "heaven" -if he (rappist) confesses and accepts (his)Jesus as his true life savior.

However, someone like Anderson Copper (and others) are consider an abomination to the world.

I don't have a gay child, but if I did I would love and support him/her to my end.
He should focus in uniting and celebrating the good in this world -which is life (preacious humans). The Catholic are starting to make this change and is so refreshing.

I don't get these radicals...but they will tell you they aren't radical. Oh no, they are especial...that's what they all say.

Like a wise guy say,"Imagine a world with no religion"

744 days ago

are you fucking kidding me? First of all, that's NOT what a baby looks like at 12 weeks, nor is the baby even BIG ENOUGH to have forcepts used on it... what a bunch of propaganda ... and in all states, abortions are allowed at 12 weeks... bunch of idiots. Forced abortion. Someone needs to FORCE her to take some medication for her mental illness... give me a break !

744 days ago

RUTH apparently doesn't mind calling herself a GRADUATE of the very college she sued. Yea, she'll stand behind it as long as it gets her a job. Give me a break... this video makes me very angry.

Break Fool
743 days ago

So we should believe in talking snakes, divine insemination, sea partings and women created from a man's bone..Treating one another kind is the badic part of the BOOK
No one does.
When straights syop making gays..maybe Mel and Way out of Work Kirk will have an argument.
There are over a thousand species of animals yhst exhibit homosexual behavior.
We are only primates.
The ability to tweet makes us ??? Better somehow?