LeAnn Rimes is Pure Reality TV Trash

5/29/2014 12:15 PM PDT, by

Ever since you heard that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were going to have their very own reality show, you probably knew that they would be discussing Brandi Glanville -- after all, this is LeAnn Rimes we're talking about, and goodness knows that woman can't go a minute without being catty and weird. But you had absolutely no way of knowing just how bad it would get. Because it gets really, really bad.

In this new clip of "LeAnn and Eddie," which, fun fact, was apparently pulled from basically everywhere on the internet after a mighty big backlash, you get to see the couple riding to the premiere of Eddie's movie, "The Best Man Holiday." This was right after some big tabloid rumors came out about a possible divorce, and it's  just completely awful. LeAnn tries really, really hard to get Eddie to discuss the matter publicly, even though he wisely thinks it'd be smarter to just let it go. She acts like a passive aggressive little snot, shockingly making Eddie seem like the good guy (for a little bit, anyway). It's actually really interesting, because you get to see LeAnn's reasoning for discussing every little thing like she does. You get to see the ridiculousness in real time!

Oh, and also, they both bring up Brandi's name and make fun of her. Directly. A lot. Because why bother being mature or thinking of the children when instead, you could just be horrible?!


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729 days ago

This site is stupid. Beyond stupid actually. Get over your obsession with Leann.

1 Reply
729 days ago

Trash sells.

729 days ago

There is so much wrong with this clip.

First off, they have Brandi blocked from contacting them so that is not Brandi texting Eddie. Brandi has to go through their assistants to get in contact with Eddie. Leann bragged about this on Twitter when Mason was hospitalized in New York.

Second, they are not going to TBMH because the photos taken at the premiere do not match up how they look in the car Eddie has a scruffy stubble on his face in the pictures. He is clean shaven in the car.

They didn't need to bring up Brandi but they did because that is the only reason people would watch this mess.

729 days ago

Leann rimes is the ugliest woman alive. Good god.

Just Saying
729 days ago

One gives as good as they get. All three of these people cast stones. There all immature and ne has to feel for the kids out of this mess.. What did Brandi expect after her first book..

Dont sit Brandi on a pedestal for this one and I am not biased I dont care for any of them. Purly childish on all levels

1 Reply
729 days ago

Wow, LeAnn really is just awful.

729 days ago

Guh-ross!! Whyyyy do they have a TV show!? they're not some cutsie lovable married couple that people care to see! They are 2 grifting cheating scumbags.. gross.

729 days ago

If Rimes didn't want a third party in her relationship, then she shouldn't have messed with an already married man with two children. No sympathy here. Prodding him to talk about his ex at a movie premiere pretty much shows her true stripes. He's right about keeping mum, and she could stand to learn that.

729 days ago

A very private conversation, just the two of them and, the camera person. So fake and scripted geez!!

729 days ago

Eddie's trying to take the high road with this @#%Y# and LeAnn wants him to comment just to get back at Brandi....clearly in it to stir more drama. She is NUTS...

728 days ago

Will be fun to watch. It is about time all of Brandi's lies came to light. Get the popcorn!!!

2 Replies
728 days ago

First of all, you have a vendetta again Leann Rimes obviously. All of your posts are negative and all of your posts about Brandi are positive. I particularly thought it was appalling how you praised her for calling paparazzi to take pictures of her in a bikini. Anyway regarding this post, If you have never been a victim of lies you wouldn't understand how you want to confront the lies and bring the truth. Brandi did lie about the child support, it was alimony that he overpaid and not child support he was asking. That was all for attention because her new book was coming out. Because the only way she can get attention is to bring up her "woe is me" I have been cheated on by eddie and leann. After 5 years, it sounds like a broken record.

To Heather, maybe they have Brandi blocked out of necessity. and reality tv shoots shots on different days everyone knows that reality tv isn't real, they even admit to it.

and Louis no, Leanne didn't want him to comment to get back at brandi but to set the record straight. Brandi STRAIGHT UP LIED. Have you ever been lied about and it concerned your character? I don't see whuy everyone falls for the victim card Brandi pulls, she is no saint herself.

1 Reply
728 days ago

This is so fake. They have to bring up Brandi's name because she is the only relevant person in their threesome. Leann is so desperate. She is making a fool of herself. If you cheat with a married man who has children with his wife, you are not going to be very popular. If you are a married man with children and you cheat on your wife and break up your family, again, not very popular. These two deserve each other. She deserves what will ultimately come to her, Eddie cheating on her as well as the fact that her career is basically over because of this. He deserves what he got, career ending affair.

726 days ago

Too funny! Usually when a husband cheats on his wife and marries his mistress it's 99/1% he'll do the same thing to the mistress. What I've seen of LeAnn Rimes she's coo coo. Eddie made a huge mistake by divorcing Brandi for LeAnn (Did she have pictures of him having sex with animals?). I was flipping through programs on the TV and I saw Eddie and I stopped, I don't know why. He looks very bloated and then I noticed he wasn't wearing his wedding ring. If Eddie had a drinking problem.... it's back! I understand that LeAnn's childhood was not all that. She went to get help at a treatment center. Good for you LeAnn only thing I have to say is was it enough? When are these two (Eddie and LeAnn) admit it's over. It's not a mistake it just didn't work! Time to get the train on it's track and back to moving a long!!

721 days ago

Hey, the chic isn't crazy for wanting that or trying to discuss it with him, I really don't see anything so "psychotic" about it. The whole thing is stupid & everyone has their share of the blame for the stupidity. Eddie actually makes some sense too, he's stayed out of the drama by not responding to stuff. If either one of those women would grow up & do the same thing, then the other would have to follow suit. In fact, I really don't care who it is that shuts up 1st, they both make themselves look like completely selfish idiots, although, as the actual mother of the kids, I kinda would expect a little more couth & respect for herself than to share so much of her life publicly. So in that sense, it would look better if she did.

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