Gwyneth Paltrow is Consciously Full of Conscious Bovine Feces

6/9/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Gwyneth Paltrow may have put out that super vague statement about divorcing Chris Martin -- or as we like to believe it, Chris Martin finally growing the cojones to leave her -- but basically everything that the former couple/couple has done since then is a big ol' contradiction to the institution of divorce, and sorry, but even the most amicable of splits don't look like this. 

This photo was taken over the weekend at a farm in Malibu, where Gwyn and Chris were dining. Dining together, and taking smarmy, smug selfies, or hey -- maybe they're actually examining brand-new wedding bands to reunite and rekindle their broken romance on their mobile. That's probably the most accurate guess so far, except for the qualifiers "smug" and "smarmy." They're always applicable with these two. 

Something smells fishy, and it's not even the fact that Gwyneth hasn't played a decent role since "Shakespeare in Love." (And that was nearly twenty years ago.) Something's starting to stink like a publicity stunt, and if that's the reality of this situation? Then the thing is far worse than we thought to begin with. Good Lord. 


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723 days ago

they have children together it is easier being friends when there are children involved; they take more pictures now then when they were supposedly married; he probably was home for 24 hrs on a tour break!!
723 days ago

Chris looks like French Stewart in this photo. I think he and Gwyneth come in second to Kimye for the Smuggest Couple In The World contest.

Patricia Butler
723 days ago

If you think she hasn't had a good role since "Shakespeare in Love", perhaps you need to lay off "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and get out a bit. "The Talented Mr. Ripley"; The Anniversary Party"; The Royal Tenenbaums"; "Sylvia" -- ever heard of any of those? While I'm not the biggest Gwyneth fan in the world, but she's done some amazing acting work. And I'm not about to fault the woman for laying off her career a bit in order to concentrate on raising her kids. She can always go back to movies; her kids only grow up once.

2 Replies
723 days ago

Gee, ya think maybe she was showing him pictures of his kids maybe?? You know, like normal people do!! I'm not s huge fan but you people always talk about her being smug but really, she's not in your face about it. Sure she has her Goop website but I've never been on it and if people don't like her site then don't go on it. Sheesh

723 days ago

Why don't you try getting your own life so that people YOU DON'T KNOW can judge you too??? It's so bizarre to me how this is acceptable behavior these days. There is absolutely no shame about sitting behind a keyboard and talking badly about other people . If you don't have something nice to say, keep it to yourself.

723 days ago

Why all the hate? Do you personally know her? Why is it OK to trash well-known people for sport? Do you get paid for this? You could use your voice and opportunity to add something positive to the world, or at least something funny. Reading this was no fun. Won't be "clicking by" again.

seymour butz
723 days ago

Something smells fishy?...... her!

723 days ago

Seriously? What a worthless article. They are raising children together-their amicable behavior should be applauded-not criticized. Shame on you!

If all you can do is criticize celebrities you should get out of the business.

723 days ago

Guess what? Nobody cares! She needs to act. He needs to sing. And they both need to raise their children to be normal adults who will follow their own path and pursue whichever talent they have so they will be a contributing member of society. Otherwise, let them lunch, brunch, work out, attend concerts, walk a city street, or drive a country mile. The public is not all that into them. I'm sick of seeing their faces.

723 days ago

They are one & the same with the so called group in "tough time & figuring out" As might what they say "still cooking" May have had a good 10 yr of loving respectful marriage life w/c is "not easy to drop" May be the right way "don't rush - Go Slow"

Not my business but how about suggest counseling.. have a deep soul searching.. deep priorities of what they really want in life...that marriage means challenge..that its called survival..that it could be done with both hard work.. and that all effort is all worth it..that after all this - its priceless!

723 days ago

It is bizarre to me how obsessed and mean the writers here come off when they talk about celebs. They constantly sound like high schoolers still bitching about the popular girls laced with a side of the girls from Christian camp who liked to freeze out anyone who didn't live up to their sense of morality.

722 days ago

Why you are disgusted by two people with kids getting along despite the fact that they are no longer together in beyond me. Seems you're just jumping on the "I hate Gwyneth" bandwagon and going after her for everything you can t hink of. What are they supposed to do? Fight in public? Refure to see each other?

722 days ago

Every couple isn't as pathetic as your precious Tori and Dean. I'm not a big fan of Gywneth or Chris, but even annoying people can be civil to each other after they break up. Especially when kids are involved. It doesn't mean a publicity stunt is happening. Man, T and D really messed you up.

722 days ago

First, Two Questions for the Writers & Editors -
1. Are you, like, all 13 & 14 year old girls who don't 'get' relationships?
2. Do you hate me? 'Cause why else make me feel compelled to DEFEND

I saw my ex three days ago. We've been apart three full years. We've
both had our 'closure' & our 'rebound relationships' & whatever buzzwords
you wanna throw & have 100% moved on. No kids, so no sticky stuff -
but he's absentminded & there's still addresses he hasn't changed.

But beyond the mail pickup, we're FRIENDS! Now. Yeah, we went
Through the gamut of feelings towards each other but in the end we
settled on remembering at one time we cared enough to be married
& deep down when the 'hot' love fades, there's still going to be fondness.

We're friends. And I don't think it's a crazy concept.

And it wouldn't be a crazy concept for G & C to be friends, especially
When they're still raising kids together. Every G&C sighting will not
Indicate rekindled romance...but if it does, good for them. It's a tough
world out there & they probably understand each other better than the
rest of us do!

1 Reply
722 days ago

They have kids together... Sometimes parents can remain friends and bond over their children's accomplishments

672 days ago

Ellen directly and deliberately referred to Chris Martin as "your husband," when Paltrow wasf a guest recently. Gwyneth did not correct Ellen ... anyone catch that?
Stupid, cynical publicity stunt that shows significant contempt for fans. The uncoupled married pair have clearly gotten a tremendous kick out of gaming it and playing fans for fools. Mr. and Mrs. Coldplay are smirking all the way to the bank.