Is It Time for Joan Rivers to Shut Her Awful Mouth Yet?

6/10/2014 11:30 AM PDT, by
Does anyone else feel this terrible surge or rage and disappointment whenever Joan Rivers comes up? Yeah? Good, because that can be something that we all have in common right now while we read some excerpts from Joan's new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva." We can all band together in our disgust, and how great is that going to be?

Here's one thing that Joan apparently wrote in her book:

“Many stars only do one thing well. Of course, the best one-trick pony is Kristen Stewart, who got a whole career by being able to juggle directors’ balls.”

Now, see, not only is that unnecessarily mean, it's also not even true. Kristen Stewart has been acting since she was a kid, and obviously her career got huge after "Twilight," which was released a full four years before she was caught having that little affair with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director. Oh, and it's also not that funny. It's mean, false, and not funny. Going great so far, Joan!

Here's another little excerpt:

“No one is allowed to dress up anymore during Award Season. The networks have new decency guidelines, which insist that no more breasts, buttocks or genitalia show. Luckily, because of celebrities like 
Pharrell and his stupid hat, we’ll still be able to see a–holes.”

It doesn't need to be said that we do not make fun of Pharrell in these parts. We simply do not. And even when Joan tries to make fun of someone we don't necessarily love, someone like Paris Hilton, she still comes off as just awful:

“It’s all over the news that Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy to prevent getting cancer. I think Paris Hilton should… step up to the plate and try to prevent STDs. It would be so easy for her. All she would have to do is have her knees fused together.”

Who allowed Joan Rivers to write this mess? And can we get an apology from them immediately?
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717 days ago

She needs to move to another planet and take her no talent daughter with her. And what in the world is up with Dodge featuring her in their commercials? Are they completely nuts?

Observer_The Lovely
717 days ago

She's not wrong...

1 Reply
717 days ago

Truth to power! You go girl!

717 days ago

Just a nasty person.

717 days ago

I Love Joan!

Mattress Fever
717 days ago

JOAN is a complete ROT....oops...i mean RIOT!

717 days ago

The woman is a mean mouth shrew who makes her money with the terrible things she says about people. Please don't buy her book!!!

717 days ago your story you wrote "Here's one thing that Joan apparently wrote in her book"

Did she write it or not? 'apparently'? hmmmm...what does that mean?

BTW, Joan has been telling these jokes forever--that is what she does. If you don't like her, well, don't read her book!

I think for someone her age, she is sharp and on point about all of the young actors/singers/celebrities. She cracks me up on Fashion Police.

Love you Joan!♥♥♥♥

2 Replies
717 days ago

She's spot on and I'm glad someone is telling pharell he looks like an a-hole. If you get past the marketing he's really nothing. His voice is weak he rips off all his songs. He's a flash in the pan which the sheeple have uplifted because they are stupid.
717 days ago

I think she's hilarious.

717 days ago

Joan Rivers made a fortune making rude and unkind comments about many people. I don't
Follow her but I wonder if she insults the most powerful people in HW or just those she knows
Do little to fight back. Isn't she the worst type of bully. Sad we live in a world were her venom is acceptable.

717 days ago

Great comic...of course she's out of line...she takes real life and weeks it up a few notches.

717 days ago

Joan Rivers has never been relevant. Why she still has an audience or fans for that matter, proves the intelligence level is at an all time low. Her daughter? Who cares! Joan, do yourself a favor...please go have a real plastic surgeon fix that nasty lump above your shoulders that vaguely resembles a human head, and maybe get that daughter of yours some help also.

716 days ago

Yes let's all hate on the reason that women in the industry get work today. Joan Rivers broke down every barrier, she was a trailblazer alongside legends like Phyllis Diller and Betty White when it came to Women in entertainment. Without Joan, women comics would be lucky to get work today. She is the only woman in the history of late night to host her own show. Joan Rivers is an icon, and she's hilarious. If you want to be overly PC and panic about every little offensive joke that's fine, but realise that Joan has done more for women in entertainment than anyone working today, she can sya pretty much whatever the hell she want's at this point.

716 days ago

Wow...get over yourself....its a joke! It's not supposed to be factually accurate....she's a comedian not a journalist! !
Its because of politically correct people like you ruining comedy in America.
Thank God for people like Joan who refuse to apologize !!

716 days ago

Is this writer a fetus? You don't pen an entire article bashing the comedic POV of a woman who's been using it successfully in the biz for over 50 years. Like it or not, who cares, she's a legend for a reason. Come from respect or don't come at all.

637 days ago

“Many stars only do one thing well. Of course, the best one-trick pony is Kristen Stewart, who got a whole career by being able to juggle directors’ balls.”
Ironic comment from someone who went room temp. during "throat" surgery.
Makes you wonder what she recently auditioned for.

kitty r.
634 days ago

Has anyone read any articles as to why Joan Rivers talks so nasty to people and behaves so badly ? Did she suffer as an abused child, or has she been through some kind of trauma in the past that has affected her personality ?

633 days ago

I remember Joan making a cruel joke about Christopher Reeve when he was confined to a wheel chair! Karma comes to mind!

629 days ago

Joan Rivers was the most negative, sarcastic, foul-mouthed excuse for an entertainer who has ever lived. People got sick of her disgusting comments. Too bad people didn't sue her for her obscene libelous comments. She respected no one -- not the husband she drove to suicide, not any of her acquaintances, or anyone else who lives on the planet. She made so many jokes about her female reproductive organs, perhaps they exploded and migrated to her brain. Afterall, they got as far as her big mouth~

She respected no one -- not even people who do good for others. She was a foul-mouth user/taker. I'm thankful I won't have to listen for months and months, her endless crude talk about the hospitalization she didn't survive. Most amazing is the fact that she died from a medical procedure that focused on the nasty mouth from which she spewed crudities, insults, and libelous talk. She didn't use her money to help others -- just to denegrate them.

She was a disgusting human being. A horrible role model for children.