Selena Gomez Needs to Get Over Herself Already

6/24/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
Is anyone else getting sick of Selena Gomez and her badly behaving, Justin Bieber loving nonsense? Because it's getting pretty darn old. She's just trying so hard to fool us all, and we're not into it: you can't go to rehab, date someone who gets in trouble as much as Justin does, and get the cops called on your parties and still act like everything's cool and good and sweet. And you can't post cute little bikini selfies where you call yourself "brave" without getting a good, hearty eye roll.

That's what she did, guys, she captioned that photo with "soy valiente," which means "I'm brave." And sorry, but what exactly makes her brave? Was it this photo in particular, was she brave for posting this cute picture? Is she brave for dating one of the douchiest douchebags in recent memory? Is she brave for being rowdy enough to require police intervention? As far as we know, Selena hasn't done anything lately that could be considered brave, and if there is something, then maybe she should bring that information to light. It seems like she could really use the positive attention right now.

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338 days ago

Maybe she thinks it is brave to come OUT as dating Justine and continuing to go back to her regardless of her douche-baggery. I used to like her, and I don't mind that she plays for her own team, it is WHO she chooses to play with that I can't stand.

337 days ago

Perhaps it's a typo and she meant caliente.

1 Reply
337 days ago

She's a beautiful girl and I hope she and Justin in a world where gossip prevails and too much fame came to both too young really stay together. They do love each other and talking bad about her when I've seen too many body parts of the Kardashians and so many others like Gaga and gag ... why post this? She's just beautiful and better 'n you!

1 Reply
337 days ago

EV is probably correct. One key over on the keyboard. Also, that expression is also used ironically - she is probably saying she isn't very brave. For example, she lacks the courage to tell that douche bag she's dating to shove off.

337 days ago

Her run is over. Without Disney pushing her down the throats of 7 and 8 year olds her career is done. The only way her name ends up in print is in connection with Bieber. Has to be very hard to be a has been at 21. Ok, it started last year so at 20. Brave would be rebuilding her career in spite Disney. Too bad she's not going that route.

Adios Selena!

337 days ago

Or maybe she is brave not hide in the face of haters and the media attacking her for her personal decisions.

337 days ago

Maybe she's brave because she is facing lupus at such a young age. I don't understand why anyone would try and ridicule a person for feeling positive about them self. SMH

337 days ago

The LAPD said there was no big party at her house and they were just called because of the noise and she was cooperative. Besides everyone already knows she was just having some friends singing live with her vocal coach. But whatever helps you to make her look worst

337 days ago

She's still a very young lady. She's bound to make some mistakes here, and there. Unlike us people in our day to day lifes, no one follows us to see if they can catch someone doing something questionable. Had they followed me when I was young, there'd have been alot to talk about. It's like her boyfriends car being chased by photogs, reminded me of Princess Diane. Her boy friend, has angered most with his condescending way of speaking to people in our justice Department. He needs deported, with a do not come back clause on it. If a person from our country trys to enter Canada with a bad reputation attached to our drivers permit, they will have you turn around, and leave, no matter WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE...

337 days ago

One more thing. This young lady is very attractive, and could probably have her pick, of a life partner.

337 days ago

Hey Fishwrapper, you've been guilty of calling some actresses "brave" for not wearing makeup, or wearing very little, and taking selfies so the whole world could see their bald faces. Not wearing makeup in public is not brave. There is nothing brave about this Selena selfie. Fighting in wars, being a policeman or fireman, and teaching high school students are a few examples of bravery. Maybe Selena confused brave with stupid. Stupid people tend to do that a lot.

Duane Boda
337 days ago

Her so called career just like her skanky pussy worn out and done with. What a dizzy ass tart!

337 days ago

She went into rehab when she found out that she was hispanic. Embrace your heritage young lady. She always referred to herself as Anglo (lol).

337 days ago

I think it's a pointless and mean article it's way more stupid to write all of those things than to actually go through all she went through or being herself or not ...You stupid little gossip reporter can't you just admit that it is a nice picture and that is all ??

What difference is that gonna make in your life ?
To talk shit about people just because she called herself brave and she's not really that brave? Actually how would you know if she is or not?

I've never seen an article that stupid in any gossips website ever..

337 days ago

She's SO lost credibility. Her behavior tells me that she's an arrogant b*tch with TONS of issues. As for Justin, you can't really blame him (boys tend to mature slowly) she-s putting it there so his munching it.
Justin is the one that's going to end this relationship NOT HER (OF COURSE, when he meets THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL).

337 days ago

Yeah, brave in the front of possible getting an STD from Justin's hoochies.

331 days ago

Emily Trainham, YOU and Sarah are the douchiest and most indecent reporters I can ever know of. I don't care about Bieber and cus I'm not a fan but every time I get on this website it's like you two are just bashing whether he does something bad or not, and it's sooooo AANNNOOOYING. Like Seriously, YOU two should get over yourselves and remember that no one is forcing you to stick your noses up his ass and other celebrities. And if u wanna tell me that it's your job, then remember that you are making your income and paying your bills off these people's asses off their stories. So please SHUT THE FUCK UP and just don't write ever again cuz I'm pretty sure if we were to go through your past, both of you, you are going to seem like assholes too, I can just tell