Nope, Still Not Making Sense

6/26/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Selena Gomez
Two things are utterly undeniable: Selena Gomez is pretty hot, and Selena Gomez is also going through something terribly unsettling and pretty embarrassing, too. 

The above picture is Gomez's latest selfie, and while the pic is pretty cute, the caption ... well, I don't speak bat-ish, so maybe a translator can step on up to the podium and tell us exactly what she's trying to convey with her words. Here goes nothing:

Fabulously/intensely dealing with sinus problems. Clearly. #blamethe70sflarepants

So, wait. What? Come again? Sinus problems, that seems to be the subject of the sentence. But how is it fabulous? Unless she's being sarcastic, maybe all those sinus problems are affecting her thinking.

While the "intense" part makes a bit of sense, because anyone who's ever had a sinus issue of any degree can attest that it sucks, so yeah -- but why "clearly"? Are we supposed to think that Selena is "clearly" suffering sinus issues because she's, what, got sunglasses on? Because her lips are all swollen and bee-stung-looking? Because she's, I don't know, showing her stomach? 

Last, but certainly not least, "blame the 70s flare pants." 70s flare pants that we cannot even see, let alone comprehend what that's supposed to mean. Did Selena's 70s flare pants give her sinus trouble? Because if they did, she needs to let those of us who suffer allergies as it is know ASAP so we can avoid those particular pants at all costs.

Just be careful, girl -- there's a boy running around with the moniker "Justin Bieber," whose alias is "Downward Spiral," and guess what: he's got your name written all over his back with the rest of his weird tattoos.

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704 days ago

I doubt she put as much time into thinking about what she posted as you did attempting to make it something worth reposting as content here. You should do an experiment. Just post the pictures and forget about the copy you attach to them for a day or so and see if it makes any difference in the number of hits you get. Might be an eye opener.

704 days ago

"Clearly" she is at a doctors office.

704 days ago

YES, fabulously, as in she looks fabulous yet she is battling a sinus issue. If you thought about it for 1/8 of the time it took you to write this article, picking apart her caption, MAYBE you would have gotten it.


704 days ago

What's this Bat S#IT Crazy F#CKING FLAT A$$ED little DOUCHE BAG up to now. Just stop with the selfie's already you Confused little Moron. Maybe if you didn't do so much BLOW your sinuses wouldn't be running all the time RUNWAY HEAD. Just F#CK - OFF...... ;p :)

704 days ago

I think the weed these kids are smoking nowadays is so powerful that it is blowing their minds. Hanging with drug addict Biebs and his super-weed is not good for this girl

704 days ago

Clearly, she looks fabulous as she is dealing with an intense sinus problem. The 70s pants have flowers on them. It was sarcasm... perhaps if you look at the picture it would make sense. Idiots...

Eddie GIbson
704 days ago

Seriously, get a real job. Get something half worthy of reporting about. Some idiot posts some dumb picture of herself with nonsense hashtags and such, and you write a dumb, fucking article about it - spending more time trying to decipher her worthless words, than she ever did posting it. GET A FUCKING JOB

1 Reply
704 days ago

@Sarah Taylor

Please tell me how you can honestly consider "this" a real job. What do you contribute to society? The question is so simple yet incredibly important. You spend your whole day giving your petty and judgmental opinion on celebrities...the most obsessive and useless part of society. How do you help people, in any way, shape or form?

2 Replies
704 days ago

Sarah Taylor is an idiot. Hmm here's a pic of fabulous Selena Gomez, let me take every word she said and spin it into nonsense so that she looks crazy! Because she can't obviously be looking fabulous and attending the dr's office to fix a sinus issue. Nope! Must be Justin who has gotten to her. He must have injected her with something to cause her sinus issues and make her post a picture of herself. Because that's what he does...

704 days ago

Dear Fishwrapper,
You don't have to understand every celebrity's Instagram pictures, their captions, or various tweets that they post. Selena looks like she is in some kind of waiting room, presumably a doctor's, and she captioned her selfie in a way we don't understand but may be perfectly clear to her friends or hardcore fans. Please stop overreacting to all these unimportant things you overreact to. I mean, come on, it's Selena, not the Dali Lama.

703 days ago

Pretty sure she said "clearly" as a play on words. Like you know...sinus problems....tryin to breathe clearly.....this is not a difficult concept

Duke Steele
702 days ago

I know shes 21 but, she looks like a twelve year old girl. And she has that funny looking squishy face. I doubt if she will get any better looking as she gets older.

700 days ago

Are you serious if you look clearly she's in a doctors office,,,,it made perfect sense to me !?!? This website always has to comment on celebs Facebook Twitter and Instagram post and their the stupidest critiques !!!