Kate Gosselin's Mania Just Hit a New Low

7/24/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Kate Gosselin is looked upon as one of the most heinous reality television/celebrity mothers in TV history and is often compared to "Mommie Dearest" ... and for good reason: she's a pretty terrible -- and terribly selfish -- person, and now there are some even more serious allegations out there than the ones we've always speculated about behind closed doors. 

Kate's former nanny recently gave an exclusive interview where she made claims about Kate's preferred housekeeping habits, her real relationship with ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, and why she finally ended up bailing on the job altogether. 

This is her side of the story: 

"We always had to refer to the [house rules] manual because it listed her pet peeves. You couldn't put anything on the ground. You had to put shoes in a certain spot. You couldn't close doors loudly. You could only vacuum during certain times of the day if she was home. ... At nine o'clock, everything was done. Even if I was halfway through dishes, at 9 p.m. you had to stop. She told me her day ended at 9 p.m, no matter what was going on."

Kate even allegedly went as far as to have the nanny listen in on phone calls between the children and her ex-husband: 

"When Jon called the kids on the phone, Kate said to us nannies, ‘You are Kate, so always listen in on the phone calls. ... We always had to keep an ear and eye on what was going on. Kate would say she had no problem with the kids having a relationship with Jon, but it always felt like a façade to me."

The former nanny states she tolerated as much as humanly possible, and only ended up leaving the Gosselin house after allegedly witnessing Kate physically striking one of her younger sons with a plastic spoon. 

Horrible, right? And it sure sounds like everything's just falling right in line with what some people have been saying for years, doesn't it? It's sad and frightening -- all of it -- and it's no wonder some of these poor children act out in the manner they do.

To the people who say that the elder Gosselin children are out of control and misbehaved, now maybe it's possible you have your reason as to why.

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676 days ago

She's no better or worse than any other reality person. Find something else to bitch about. You keep saying what a horrible person she is but aren't you (fishwrapper) just as horrible for printing stuff like this that her kids can read?????

4 Replies
676 days ago

There's no excuse for this. It should be illegal for a woman to have more fertilized eggs than a henhouse. Because Octomom.

676 days ago

Is this a surprise to anyone?? If you ever watched the show it was obvious then as it is now, she is not a nice person. You have to feel bad for those children and honestly it is understandable why Jon divorced her. I do not think he is a bad person at all. He is more a victim of circumstances. Eventually, hopefully sooner than later, you will not hear her name in the news anymore.

1 Reply
676 days ago

If she were like Octomom, we'd all be relentless with the put-downs and verbal insults on her. She is a well organized, strict parent. We could use a lot more of those. Maybe, if parents had a handle on the goings on of their children, we wouldn't have so many kids acting like thugs, boys AND girls. Kate is not a perfect parent. Nobody is. But, I do believe she is doing a lot more than her ex-husband does for those kids and always has. Right or wrong, she is the one who is mostly there, the main provider, and the one who gives those kids ANY kind of structure.

10 Replies
676 days ago

Wow, she's a horrible mother because she has house rules, a schedule, etc. This article is ridiculous, she is raising all of the kids on her own. Get a life fishwrapper!

676 days ago

Sounds like she has a strict schedule with 8 children you need structure, a smack on the ass for doing what, what did this child do, probably something they were not supposed to, I certainly do not believe in abusing children but a smack on the ass now and then when needed nothing wrong with it. Pre-teens acting out, what!! unheard of!! If she was a horrible mother or the children were afraid of her, why would they act out? So sounds like to me she runs her house in a way that works best to keep things in check. New story please.

676 days ago

I also hate when doors are slammed loudly and waking up to the sound of a vacuum. So what? She has rules in her own house? Big deal.

Bubbles the Chimp
676 days ago

The reaction of her children when she returned home from celebrity wife swap says it all. They weren't running towards her hugging on her and being happy that mom was home. They lined up like they were going to greet someone they hardly no, no happiness, not a lot of emotions. She better save her money, because those kids will need some serious therapy when the time comes.

Frank the bank
676 days ago

Only one side of the story and of course we have a bunch of busybodies saying things they no clue about. Get a life and get off the couch!

676 days ago

Nothing that the nanny mentions is outrageous. The woman is working for Kate, and yes, there are rules. There are rules at EVERY job. As for slapping one of the children with a plastic spoon, so what! I never beat my children but I did slap a butt every once in a while. It never hurt them. Kate can be controlling. It is a part of her perfectionist personality, and she can be condescending at times, but her intentions are never bad or evil. Raising twins and sextuplets would make me absolutely insane! She does the best that she can, so let's give her a break.

1 Reply
676 days ago

This is such a stupid article. Everyone has preferences like where to put shoes and when they would prefer not to run a vacuum (like before a certain hour of the the morning or after a certain hour at night, so people can sleep). Every single point that was made in this article to lambast Kate was actually "pointless". It's all very normal stuff, if you ask me. Even the "spoon incident" was most likely just a light wack on a tushie, not some severe beating, I mean come on! I wish the people who write these kinds of articles knew how ridiculous they come off.

676 days ago

I'm going to be very honest. I have strict rules and expectations for my oldest and will have for my youngest. The one thing I speak to is listening to my child's conversations with her relatives. I absolutely do this and I smell not ashamed. I am particular about what is said to my children and if I don't like what I hear I let the speaker know or end the phone call. That's not evil. That's called being a parent.

2 Replies
676 days ago

I kept reading, wondering when I was going to get to the horrible parts.

This sounds like a household with a shi tload of kids and a schedule to keep control of it all. What's the big deal?

Big yawn.

676 days ago

OMG - leave her alone!

676 days ago

Oh please ... while I have never even seen the show, as a fellow mom, I too like rules & keeping things in order. I also believe in discipline. It sounds like ya'll are just fishin' for crap.

676 days ago

No fan of Kate's, but being organized and following rules seems fair to me. Did this nanny think she was there to sit and watch tv? She would have a different opinion had she walked in to a filthy unorganized mess with kids peeing outside like Nadia. When will you people stop? Damned if she does damned is she doesn't.

676 days ago

You can never get a happy medium with anyone. If u have rules and discipline then your a "horrible" parent and if you don't discipline then ppl look at you like a bad parent cause your kid is out of control. I'm sorry but if I had 8 kids you can bet your ass I'd have a strict schedule. I have 5 and my house is pure craziness at times. Not saying at all that hitting your kids is right or wrong but there is a huge difference between discipline and beating your kids.. When I was a kid I did NOT screw around cause I knew I'd get it when I went home.. And kids were a heck of a lot more respectful back then.. Parents do the best we can with every situation

Susan Stirling
676 days ago

No big fan of Kate's but come on. The fact that she ended the nannies' work day at 9 no matter if the work wasn't done? There would be hue and cry if she didn't! To me, that is simply treating your employees decently and giving them an established work day. Also, clearly laying out expectations is not unusual -- most workplaces have an employee manual which describes what is expected in a position. Saying that the nannies were 'Kate' and telling them to act that way? I would hope and expect my children's care providers would act toward them the way I would and report to me any conversations or actions that were inappropriate or out of the boundaries I set for their lives.

676 days ago

crazy hoe needa thick black snake in her life to straten her out .... nowudimesayin

Susan Armstrong
676 days ago

Are you serious? No noise after 9PM. Hit with a plastic spoon! Woo, such a dangerous women!

1 Reply
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