Farrah Abraham is Never Coming Back From This (Not Like There Was a Chance Before)

7/31/2014 7:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
You know who's just such an awful person that they'd go ahead and exploit the death of a family member for some fame and some sympathy and some more, you know, fame? Farrah Abraham. Of course she is. We totally figured she'd do basically anything at all for attention, but this is where it gets utterly horrifying and lurid: Farrah went as far as to take an actual photo of her dead grandfather -- who passed away last week -- and then posted it on Twitter.

Let's try this again: she took a picture of a dead man in his casket -- sad, embalmed, and with the obligatory disturbing pancake makeup -- and then shared it with her nearly 1 million followers, thinking it would somehow be an appropriate tribute. 

This is what she said about the pic (which you won't see on Fishwrapper, because even we have our limits):
Farrah Abraham, you're a repugnant, awful, self-serving human being. We always try to see the best in people, and even if they're mostly consumed by the terrible things that they might do or say, we feel that there's just got to be a redeeming quality in there somewhere. ... Unfortunately for you, we just don't think there is, and there likely won't ever be. 

... Why would anybody ever take a picture at a wake? Moreover, why would anyone ever think it's necessary to share a photo of their deceased grandfather on social media? Morbid and tacky don't even put a dent in what this is -- this is just abominable.
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666 days ago

she look like a man. very ugly and STUPID.

666 days ago

There's nothing wrong with that, actually. People today are too freaked out by death. It's part of life. In fact, death photos used to be a very common thing before photos were so common. Loved ones wanted a final remembrance of them. This girl is a twit, but this is not a reason to down on her. Death is a normal part of life, quit getting so freaked out by nothing.

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Isaac Newton
666 days ago

I see dead people...

1 Reply
666 days ago

Taking pictures at a wake/funeral even of the body in the casket is very often done, particularly in the South even to this day. I'm NOT advocating posting it on Twitter, just letting you know it is done. Most people just put them in their family Bible, NOT on the internet like this looney girl did!

Big Doug
666 days ago

She wants attention, and she got it from you at fish wrapper, a nice long story with a photo. The best way to make her disappear is to not write anything, good or bad, about her life. But media keeps feeding her type, along with Kardashians and Bieber. She got you.

666 days ago

Please stop posting so many articles about this girl. Sooooo not interested, at all.

666 days ago

Taking pictures at wakes/funerals even of the body in the casket is very often done in the south even to this day. I'm not advocating posting them on Twitter by any means, just letting you know that people very often do take these pictures. Normal people just put them in the family Bible NOT on the internet though!

666 days ago

I can't stand this girl, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. This is how people pay tribute to loved ones these days. People load up their FB pages with this stuff all the time.

This really doesn't fall under the category of attention getting, unless you're just going to assume that everything she does 24/7 is attention getting, in which case she doesn't stand a chance of ever doing anything you approve of, does she?

Tea Togo
665 days ago

Can't stand Farrah.

BUT - I grew up in Europe, and not only was it ok to take pictures at funerals, but families would hire professional photographers.

To you it is weird, to other cultures, it is completely normal.

665 days ago

I still want my turn with her ass.

Just saying...

Oh yeah, sorry someone in her family died.

Perhaps, we could just start with a BJ, you know... out of consideration...

Cheryln Kurz
665 days ago

Some culture DO take pictures of their dead. I know people who took pictures. But they DID NOT publish them or even show them to people who did not want to see them. It was private, for their own reasons. Farrah is an idiot.

665 days ago

cant believe she is still in the news after she said how stupid american people are in that she can become a millionaire because americans will make her rich and that americans are nothing but followers and then used the fakedashians as an example..

604 days ago

While I can't stand this bimbo, it's actually pretty common in some families/cultures to take pictures of the dead loved one.

603 days ago

Is she sporting a uni-brow???

603 days ago

Nothing wrong with taking a picture of your loved one in death--its done often. People need to stop the bashing uglies --its ok to agree to disagree. But its sad to hate for no real reason a person you do not even know or affects your life in any way says one needs a therapy couch.

Lucia Bartoli
602 days ago

Well, don't all get your panties in a knot--Many cultures often take pictures of the deceased as they look all laid out. It's not that awful. For Pete's sake. grow up!

596 days ago

Honestly I have seen a lot of people do things like this at funerals and post them on facebook. It's not something that I would do, but what business is it of yours? Who are you to post such judgemental nasty things about somebody you don't even know.

596 days ago

Sarah Taylor you are a fucking bully! its reasons like this people end their lives. worry about your own damn self How fucking rude!

594 days ago

She is every parent's nightmare...I real pig and slut....and this is the person raising...and I use the term lightly....a daughter...Great role model, huh? Her parents must be so proud....Farrah gets uglier by the day...if I did not know who she was ...she looks like a poor excuse for a man.....The only thing she is good for, I guess, is taking it up...you know where for ANY man...that's it....She is HORRIBLE!....

1 Reply
593 days ago

...not to mention her UNIBROW. Just UGH all 'round.

1 Reply
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