Quotables: Jada Pinkett Needs to Look a Little Bit Closer

8/1/2014 8:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"Just don't pollute something that's not dirty. It's really tough. I feel like the connection to the value of women on a bigger scale has decreased tremendously. Even though you look and go, ‘Women have so many opportunities,' it's like, ‘Yeah, but at what cost?' Are women valued for being women, or are women valued when they have more masculine qualities? Men and women encompass both female and masculine energies, but it seems like when the feminine is present, it's not respected. ... I want my kids to be happy and I want them to be themselves. I was saying to a friend the other day, ‘Remember, our kids are not us.' They're not. Sometimes we're trying to fix things that happened to us or projecting [onto them], and that's a terrible, terrible trap." 

--Jada Pinkett Smith -- or 13-year-old Willow Smith's mom -- and her insight on the infamous pic featured above, showcasing her daughter and 20-year-old Moises Arias, just two "friends" hanging out on a bed.

We've been over this before, guys: this circumstance is just not cool. It's not as if Willow's 17 or 18 years old (or even 15 or 16) -- what's happening here, as "innocent" as Jada claims it is, is age-inappropriate, and if Jada and Will Smith are allowing this kind of behavior to happen at a mere 13 years old (God, it's almost unfathomable that this young girl is only 13 years old), imagine what it's going to evolve into by the time she is a little bit older and more experienced. You've likely all been through adolescence, and you've either been in a first-person situation when there were no parental boundaries, or you've witnessed it in friends or school chums. (Yes, chums.) 

It's only going to get worse, so to talk about not "polluting" something that's already quite clearly tainted by the stressful rigors of growing up a celebrity child in Hollywood is only wasting your breath -- this kind of behavior needs to be nipped in the bud early on, and if it isn't? Well. Look at other celebrity children/offspring who had zero boundaries of which to adhere -- there's not a good track record there, as you probably know. 

You're heading down a dangerous path, Jada ... and you're inadvertently allowing your young woman, Willow, to do the same thing.

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668 days ago

Willow Smith is not a woman, she's a child and should be raised as a child first....long before she becomes a woman!

668 days ago

I think that this behavior should've been stopped before it ever started, it's too late for that now though, it jus' doesn't need to go any further than it already has. PEACE!!!

668 days ago

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668 days ago

It's idiotic to say what's going on in this picture is inappropriate. Whoever is criticizing Jada and/or her daughter over this needs to get a life. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. Are you all smoking crack? So the guy is not wearing a shirt. BFD, get over it. People are acting like Quakers over this. There's no lewd contact or even a hint of suggestion of anything out of the ordinary at all.

Marshall Veach
668 days ago

You people are insane. There's nothing inappropriate here; if anything you people are getting "the photo" mixed up with the circumstance. Like because the photo has certain aesthetic elements that are reminiscent of a genre of photography that sometimes deals with sexuality, you're all reading into the situation...

...if it wasn't black-and-white, with such specific lighting, etc, etfc... if it was just a kodak color snapshot, it would look totally normal and no one would be saying a thing.

Think, people.

667 days ago

Nothing inappropriate...IT'S A 13 YEAR OLD CHILLIN WITH A 20 YEAR OLD!!! My son will be 13 in 2015 and if I found him hanging out with some 20 year old chick who is not a relative; I will lose it. In what world does a 20 year old have anything in common with an ignorant 13 year old...yeah, there is none! My sister is seven years younger than me and I never had any inclination to "hang out" with her friends. Any mother with common sense should be highly concerned if they find their daughter hanging out with a half clothed adult (because you are an adult at 20). To say that it is not inappropriate shows that you clearly have no daughter(s) and/or younger sister(s)!

1 Reply
665 days ago

I agree with the commenter from earlier. You people need to get a life. My brother is 8 years my senior. I always hung out with people older than me without engaging in sexual acts or being "inappropriate". Being around older people gave me different perspectives on the person I could be instead of making my choices and options isolated to the archetypes my parents cattered to (Whose sentiments, as much as I love them, are jaded, out of date and in and of themselves inappropriate.) If this photo were taken outside at a park or at a beach, everybody would just assume it's hot. That's why his shirt is off. But because the picture is in an ominous shading of black and white, willow is lying in the foreground on a bed, looking slightly depressed (or possibly just tired.) and there is shirtless man who seems to be laughing maniacally. I can see how the picture can be miscontrued and interpeted badly but that is another perspective issue. Don't judge people based on, quite literally, snap shots of their lives. I'd love to go through any body's facebook and start imply how truly fucked up lives you all must lead based off a simple frame of it. Doesn't sound fair? But I guess because Jada and Will smith are million air celebraties, the deserve the judgement right? Use a little consideration people.

663 days ago

Willow's mine leave my girl alone. Or I'll find you.

663 days ago

STFU!!!! Nobody's make me fucking sick! Leave my bitch alone! She's grown okay just look in her eye's! She's not your kid and she's not your kind!

Debra Williams
658 days ago

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have to be stoned-assed crazy to think that there is no problem with a 20yr old man being in bed with a 13yr old girl!!! Personally, if that was my daughter, he would be casting a "polka dot" shadow before sundown!!!

658 days ago

I think some parents are not as old school by the book as others. I realize and even argue with my Mother on the respect and values they have from back in the day. I was more lenient with my son on what was right or wrong as well. Yetm I do still feel some things are a little much. But I don't think I would let my daughter be on the bed chillin with a twenty year od man like that. I don't approve of that, it's a little too much too soom for me.

657 days ago

We don't really know what is going on here. I do have a daughter and while I would not be ok with certain things for her, Jada Pinkett and her family live a very different lifestyle than most of us. There was obviously someone there taking the photo so they weren't alone, there could have been many people there, hanging out or whatever, we don't know, so we can't really speculate. I'll worry about my daughter, not Jada's.

657 days ago

I know that he is considered a close friend of the Smith family, but the fact is that age plays a big role in the influences of one's child. At Willow's current age, she is undergoing vital changes that will determine the kind of woman she WILL become. She is not a woman yet, and to treat her as such is ridiculous for any parent. Regardless of the nature of the photo, there is nothing that a twenty-year-old man has with a thirteen-year-old girl. NOTHING. Had this occurred between non-famous people like you and me, it would have been categorized in a more appropriate term: PEDOPHILIA. Wake up, America, parenting still requires that you engage your children and stay informed and involved with their development.

657 days ago

"It's not as if Willow's 17 or 18 years old (or even 15 or 16) -- what's happening here, as "innocent" as Jada claims it is, is age-inappropriate, and if Jada and Will Smith are allowing this kind of behavior to happen at a mere 13 years old (God, it's almost unfathomable that this young girl is only 13 years old"

she if she was 15 or 17 the precised wrong you see here would be okay/less wrong?
I'm not a mother, but I'd like to think 90% of mother are biologically programmed to protect their children so I really can't see ANY mom, taking and posting a photo of a situation in which their child was abused of uncomfortable

I see nothing wrong happening here, y'all have some over active imaginations and NEED HELP! you're probably a sick pedophile if you see something wrong with this image, get your heads out of the gutter

657 days ago

Maybe you all should stop sexualizing 13 year old girls.

646 days ago

If more people would address there own situations instead of commentating on other's , we would be living in silence#stayblessed#eaturwords

646 days ago

If people just kinda like mind they own business the wor
ld would b a lot quiet r , everybody knows how 2 solve someone else s issues but cant get a grip on there own life #eaturwords,#stayblessed

641 days ago

I was wondering how long it would take before someone made the comment "if you see something wrong with this photo, you're probably a pedophile". That's clever, turn it around on someone who is showing concern. But my favorite comment is "mind your own business". Of course I'm paraphrasing because I don't want to go back and copy and paste those posts with all their unintelligible spelling atrocities. Anyway, as for the "mind your own business" comment, haven't we been told over and over that it's our responsibility to act if we see something going on with a child that even has a HINT of being inappropriate? Ya it's just a picture on a website, but if we weren't supposed to talk about it, there wouldn't be a comment section folks. Personally I don't think it's appropriate for a 13 year old to be laying in bed with a grown man, but obviously I don't know the dynamic of the family relationship with this man. Neither does anyone else. Therefore, I think it's a little harsh to throw around words like "Pedophile"

Arthur Ortega
582 days ago

If a 13year girl is Physically ready to be sexual then she should be able to have sex with whomever she pleases whether he's 15 or 50

1 Reply
375 days ago

The photo was cropped, her brother Jaden was also in the bed and all three were laughing. The media is crazy how they twist things, that is not the original photo.

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