LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: The Most Ridiculous and Immature Couple in Hollywood

8/8/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Imagine that: LeAnn Rimes' and Eddie Cibrian's new reality show took a turn for the worse last night, and the high-brow levels to which the couple has been trying to take their "sophisticated" relationship have started showing cracks ... both metaphorically and literally. 

In the latest episode of "LeAnn & Eddie," LeAnn bemoans the fact that she "accidentally" took a photo of herself making pancakes whilst nearly in the buff (see above picture). She claims that the photo was taken in a reflective surface, and instead of just showing the, you know, pancakes, it showed all the cakes. Oh, and if that weren't unbelievable enough, she "unwittingly" sent it to Twitter and got all hyped up that people were going to cause a scene, but personally speaking, yours truly doesn't remember anything of any sort over any particular period of time regarding "oops" photos, but especially throughout the time that they've been filming this thing. Sorry, LeAnn. 

About the fortuitous tweet, LeAnn said, "The good thing is 'LeAnn Rimes affair' is 14th on the list now on the Google searches." She claimed that her haphazard sensibilities were to blame, citing something being "wrong" with her: "I’m the only person I know that can take a selfie of pancakes and then tweet a picture where you can fully see my ass in a thong in the mirror behind me. What is wrong with me?" 


Meanwhile, Eddie's apprehension about appearing in a men's magazine was mounting, and so he went and got a spray tan and tried out a starvation diet for size, because that's a great example to set for your children. Or, you know, your wife or really anybody who might need a little guidance when it comes to that whole 'thinking' thing. 

Two very important questions to ask yourselves, y'all, at the very end of this: one, where is the mysterious pic that LeAnn tweeted and deleted? Can you find it anywhere this morning? Suspicious because, as you know, the internet never forgets ... and especially those who follow LeAnn on Twitter -- they never forget, either. 

Second, why is Eddie Cibrian even being asked to cover magazines? What's that even supposed to mean?


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659 days ago

Oh dear, the hilarity we are all supposed to collapse into when they make up stories and badly act their actual lives! There are literally thousands of pics of her in a thong bikini all over the internet and we are supposed to believe she worries about her stepsons seeing them on the Internet. I'd be slightly more concerned at their eventual reaction when they realsie how she has harassed, stalked, SWF'd and bullied their Mother! And Eddie on Men's Health Mag? I never saw that, and are they interested because this once handsome Alpha Male actor is now reduced to carrying LR's handbag and playing a crisp packet ( seriously) in silly video's?!!

1 Reply
659 days ago

I just can't believe that these two think they are making the world see a better version of themselves. They look/act even worse( stupid, superficial, etc) than I thought. Can't their family/friends see this and tell them to stop? This show is only making their image worse and I think that's great... Makes you believe in KARMA right there.

659 days ago

These 2 loooooosers are so cra cra. She's a has-been (if you can call one hit a career) and he's a never-has been. They both need a reality check instead of a reality show. Pleeeeez just go away.

2 Replies
659 days ago

Hmmm, I lost my concentration for this story after "Imagine that:". I just couldn't pump myself up to read any further. But if I had to guess the gist of this article, I'm gonna go with "LeAnn and Eddie, bad. The end". I'm not a fan of LeAnn or Eddie. But I figured unless one, or both, of them died, or saved a child from a burning building, the "LeAnn and Eddie, bad" theme was going to continue unabated.

1 Reply
659 days ago

These 2 loooooosers are so cra cra. She's a has-been (if you can call one hit a career) and he's a never-has been. They both need a reality check instead of a reality show. Pleeeeez just go away.

659 days ago

I attempted to sit through the 11:30pm airing and it was dreadful. I didn't make it, 10yr old Friends reruns are much better. They think by reciting the words that "Leann does not engage on Twitter" makes it true. Leann engages, taunts, bullies, harasses the mother of Ediot's children daily. She has used more than one twitter account and been called out on it by her first husband, her own employees outed her Eveleigh Rose pintrest account, which was disturbing, to say the least, allegedly.....

659 days ago

I feel the LeAnn is weekly trying or saying something even to upset people hoping that will make people (fans or haters) tune into her show simply for ratings. I hope people don't buy into this.. 1) why was there a mirror in her kitchen 2) everyone looks at the photos they just took simply to make sure they look ok in them - even sending to twitter or not 3) she found away to get dressed to eat her pancakes. I find her very insulting that she thinks people are so studid. I also find it very offensive that she will stop at nothing, from using the kids, etc. She is shameless. I no longer consider Eddie a man. What kind of father would allow a women to do that simply for ratings. If that in in fact what is is doing - he is doing it for the money - and that would explain his marriage to LeAnn. Everyone needs to stop talking about them, dont watch any shows they are on, buy any magizines they are in - just stop. Boycott completely. Without us they can't make a dime.

659 days ago

She is ridiculous. She acts like people are stupid and she will stop at nothing to get people (her fans & haters) to simply watch her show for ratings. She has used this kids - which their father allowd, showing his main interest is money (that is why he married leann). 1) who has a mirror in the kitchen 2) who takes a pic and does not view it first 3) who makes pancakes in a thong (where were the kids) and if this was at the other house - why would she not be worried about the camera crew. She does this to get attention and sadly she is getting. We all need to boycott them all the way. Dont talk about them, dont watch or read anything they are in - just a total shut down. Let's show them how stupid we all really are. They cant make a buck without us.

659 days ago

Why does everyone have the red azz for this couple? Most act like they are the first couple who cheated. People are praising Brad and Angolina why are they forgiven? Leann is definitely a step above Brandi, who wears a thong in front of her boys and the camera without hesitation.

1 Reply
659 days ago

These are two people skilled in how to lie and hide what they want hidden. They are also extemely selfish -only caring about themselves and no one else.. Look at her. She is absolutely shameless and he is a digusting pig.. His career is over and she is so desprately trying to hang on.. Like the other person said - Total boycott.

659 days ago

Does anyone really watch this?!

659 days ago

These 2 Sociopathic Home Wrecking Hose will reap what they sew...their Karma

659 days ago

Why are you people on here to bash this couple? Is it all you have to do when your own lives are a bust? You haters are a joke when this is your life and they're living happily together while you follow them.

2 Replies
656 days ago

OH MY GOSH! This girl really thinks that the public is stupid enought to believe this. If she was not horrified over her sex tape - come on. She has no problem showing off anything. She is tacky. Also, she talks about getting into fashion. Someone needs to teach her about fashion. She has no sense of style or fashion what so ever. I mean look how she dresses. Oh my gosh when can the world free themselves of her and her foolishness.

656 days ago

Oh ok, now the butt twitting, sex tape stalker is saying she is into fashion. Well, hope she is not the billboard - she dresses like a homeless person. Oh my gosh, will it ever go away.

656 days ago

LeAnn Rimes is such a pig
Eddie is a loser that has a brain the size of a fig
They like attention and want the world to know
That they are in love but only on the reality show.

LeAnn likes Eddie’s looks
Eddie like LeAnn’s checkbook
Eddie really likes a girl named Lizzy
It sends LeAnn into such a Tizzy
LeAnn will do anything for attention
Sex tape star, stalker,tweeter, drunk, too many to mention.
She is a very sad women who wont be put away on a shelf
She will do whatever it takes to stay in the press, even dance with an elf
But she is LeAnn a star don’t ya know,
She sings, she tweets, she stalks, but only on the down low
She has fake twitter accounts to torture and harrass people she doesn’t like
The haters dont care they just give her the finger and tell her to take a hike.
LeAnn is losing it- her money is running out
Now, going into fashion and designing, it that what this is all about.
She has no sense of fashion
Tweeting pictures of her butt is her true passion.
The poor little homewrecker, got what she wanted, now didnit she
But the man of her dreams has one foot out the door
That’s why LeAnn has to do everything she can for publicity
She needs to stay in the limelight in order to hold on
To bad she does not realize the fork was stuck in her, she is done.

So long, farwell, wish we could say it has been nice
Maybe one day you will wash that hair it looks like you have lice.
Stay hidden, quiet and dont come back
Boared up your house and have your man help you pack
Go away to a far far land –
Find yourself another man
One who will like you for you
Maybe hard to do – but if you get stuck
Just show him your sex tape – let him know that you know how to f ___k
As far as Eddie goes he already has a new love
His new women has the face of a dove
He felt it was difficult to be married to you
But he will rise above it and he will be ok – just take a look
He got to walk away with half your checkbook
Silly girl, silly rabbit, we all tried to warm you
But with you it must be habbit
Love for sale – buy them and then they bail

655 days ago

When it comes to these two, they are definately at the lower end when it comes to stars! My gosh, to call these two superstars is outrageious! They are the bottom feeders when it comes to the real country and hollywood stars.. Please get a grip