Miley Cyrus' Attempt at Raising Awareness for Homelessness Falls Flat

8/25/2014 5:10 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Miley Cyrus is trying hard ... but failing miserably. Glamorizing homelessness in the way that she did during last night's 2014 MTV VMAs was not only presumptuous, but so totally removed from what homelessness can actually be that it was more than uncomfortable to watch than almost any other segment aired during the VMAs. 

Jesse, the 22-year-old Oregonian who accepted the award for Video of the Year on Miley's behalf spoke about being a young person, homeless in Los Angeles -- an area that has the largest contingent of homeless folks in the nation. 

However, Miley's trophy, good-deed objectification of Jesse (see the above Instagram photos) is at best a well-intentioned and indulgent failure at raising awareness about a real global issue, and at worse, an attention-grab set to the soundtrack of outdoing last year's Robin Thicke twerk-fest

You don't just grab a homeless person off the street, give them the Cinderella treatment, and send them on their way. That made a drop in the bucket's-worth of difference to Jesse -- and you don't seemingly scout the best looking homeless person you can find in order to promote your cause, because homelessness knows no vanity. 

It was a good try, Miley, but maybe spend a little more time getting some real-life experience before trying to solve the world's poverty issues.

Check out the video below to see Miley's tearful, face-pulling "response" to her friend Jesse's speech -- it was pretty uncomfortable ... and disingenuous. 

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644 days ago

I didn't see anything wrong with it, I thought it was the realest moment of the night actually. I think maybe you just don't like Miley and that's clouding how you feel about her actions lol

644 days ago

Sarah Taylor you suck at writing stories all your stories are really negative. You do not know what was going on behind the scenes off camera. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what she did. Fishwrapper should fire you...

4 Replies
644 days ago

Cyrus is so misguided. She really does think she has all the answers. If she feels so strongly stop encouraging youth to "do as we want" and smoke a lot of pot with your music. Then to repent for touring basically naked and promoting sex with everything and anyone take your tour proceeds and open a center in LA helping straighten out homeless kids, counciling and reuniting them with their families. Such a buck toothed hypocrite. She can't even keep a dog she loved safe.

644 days ago

This type of article is a part of why the new generation is becoming insensitive to their surroundings and respecting others.
If there is anyone who wants to do something good then shed the light on the good and not the bad. It is totally disgraceful, disrespectful to put a human being down because they are trying to do something good.

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644 days ago

Ms. Cyrus, good on you child.Glad to see an American attempting to help Americans. Most of us are just a few paychecks away from homelessness. Been there. Terrifying. Words can hardly convey the trauma. This is a better direction for you Ms. Cyrus. Lose the twerk. It's crude and passe.Find your groove kiddo. Be the better artist, the better person, that your heart is telling you to be. As a former homeless mother, thank you.

644 days ago

I really like you Sarah. You're say it straight, with no bullshit. OF COURSE,raising awareness to the millions of homeless kids is a good thing. But, come one, she picked a guy that looks like a male model!! It doesn't take a thing away from Jesse-he's really good looking. In the end, it came across as such a contrived PR stunt that the bigger picture got lost.

1 Reply
644 days ago

Wow what is wrong with you lol

Miley did something good and your trying to spin it to something horrible or negative. The only "try hard" I see is you Sarah Taylor for writing such a terrible an unnecessary article

p.s Fishwrapper should fire you if continue to write trash like this

644 days ago

First off, Miley looked so wasted that she probably couldn't form a coherent sentence if she wanted to. Her vacant-stare, slack-faced look was disturbing from the first shot of her sitting in the audience. Then that whole sitting on the banister, leaning forward, looking emotionally constipated until the tears started leaking out, was bizarre and uncomfortable. It is an important issue, but you can't help but feel that she used it and him to get people talking about HER again!! Any sincerity and maturity she tried to emote was completely ruined by her calling Ed Sheeran an a hole as he walked by!

1 Reply
644 days ago

The Loser Katy Perry is Banging looks more like he lives on the Streets Homeless and Starving, Miley if you are going to make a Mockery out of Being homeless, you should have just brought a real Homeless guy you picked off the street going to the Award show.

644 days ago

If she really wanted to raise awareness and help the issue - she should hold a concert where the profits go toward homeless youth and then set up a bunch of interviews with magazines talking about the homeless youth issue. Its hard to say if Miley's heart was in the right place with this or if this was a convenient way for her to make a splash at the VMAs and get herself some free publicity - or possibly a little of both. If she thought this would legitimately help the homeless youth cause - she's mistaken. Its just a sound bite on an entertainment news show that will be forgot next week.

644 days ago

I think the whole point of picking someone like him was to show that becoming homeless can happen to anyone, it doesn't discriminate. Had she picked someone who "looked the part" it wouldn't have made the same point. I don't personally care for Miley, but what's wrong with her giving some homeless kid a night of his life? She could have just as easily brought one of her druggie friends. I don't think it was presumptuous at all. Despite many not liking her, she has a huge fan base, and she's using it for something good.

This site is so stupid sometimes. There's so many other people who could have done this, and you'd be singing their praises.

1 Reply
644 days ago

I appreciate that Sarah Taylor put into words what I felt but couldn't quite understand. I know it's a good thing to bring attention to the plight of the homeless but Miley, they have been homeless all year long before the award show. I would believe that this was more than a PR stunt if you were one of the people out there feeding and visiting the homeless all year round or if you had spoken about this problem as much as you stick out your tongue.

644 days ago

I don't think it was so fake. She did give up her acceptance speech to let him speak. It's a nice step in a positive direction.

644 days ago

It was a very REAL MOMENT to me. Why put it down or her. It makes no sense to me. Did you watch it, really?

644 days ago

Now celebrities are getting criticized for doing GOOD deeds and using their celebrity to gain exposure for real issues. *sigh* Some people are NEVER satisfied.

644 days ago

I couldn't agree more Sarah. If Miley really wanted that moment to be about Jesse, she wouldn't have pulled those awful look-at-me faces, which were so transparent that at first I actually thought it was a spoif.

I like Miley, but I was angry with her last night.

She objectified Jesse, the same way she objectifies "little people," and anyone else in the court of Miley, who can't seem to decide whether she's a sex pioneer or Hannah Montana on whizz.

In the end, she's a celeb kid. It's all about her.

644 days ago

you seem to always go for the negative.. is that what they pay you to do? why not try to put something positive out there instead of jumping on you not so high horse to continuously put a negative spin on everything anyone does....get a heart why don't you, let the good shine through

644 days ago

although not a fan of Miley at all.. I really think she is trying to do something positive.
Maybe she can use her fame for something good rather than being know for just a crazy former disney star that has gone off the rails.

I hope she follows through with this endeavour and makes a difference.

644 days ago

Miley cyrus doesn't give A CRAP about homeless people. If she did she would have created a separate website for info instead she asked everybody to go to HER FACEBOOK PAGE! This way she gets tons and tons of people connecting to her personal page. Its all such a joke!

1 Reply
644 days ago

I thought what she did was amazing! You Sarah are a twit!

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