Nicole Kidman Might Have Just Made the Most Passive Aggressive Comment of All Time

8/29/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
We don't really talk about Nicole Kidman that often, but that's because she's too busy being married to Keith Urban and being half of that painfully adorable couple to have much time to get into any kind of drama ... that's a pretty sweet reason to stay out of the spotlight, right? But Nicole just took her claws out, guys, and she used them to climb right back in that spotlight. That amazing, catty spotlight.

This whole thing comes from an interview that Nicole did recently with The Edit, in which she said this about her husband, Keith:

"Keith always says, ‘We're lucky we met late in life. The sadness of that is we can't have six kids together, but the greatness of that is [we are done] with all the other stuff, so now we are totally present for this.' That's a great thing to hear from a man."

Which is so very sweet, of course. The interviewer then brings up a story of how Keith, at a concert, dedicated a song to her by saying "eight years, baby girl. This song is for you. I love you so much." Which is also very, very sweet. But here's Nicole's response to that story:

"I had two girlfriends sitting with me and they were like, ‘B----!' I went, ‘Hey! I've been to hell and back!'"

And guys, I don't know about you, but that sounds like a Tom Cruise slam if I ever heard one. It helps, too, that the magazine clarifies that "hell was her 2001 divorce from actor Tom Cruise" immediately afterwards. Doesn't that just bring you so much glee, that Nicole is willing to come right out and make a comment like that? You'd have to think that any divorce could be classified as hellish, especially if it involves wacky ol' Tom Cruise and his creepy, terrifying religion, so it's just refreshing and kind of hilarious to hear Nicole say that.

Someone deserves a hearty round of "you go, girl," huh?

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637 days ago

I think she could have meant the relationship she's had with Keith Urban, since he's had sobriety issues since their marriage. That could be what she means. Not everyone is so petty and catty about past relationships.

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636 days ago

Oh look, another NON-STORY from Fish Wrapper...
Does FW only have teenage girls write their articles?

Every adult can make that same comment. We have all been through something in our lives, it might be a bad marriage, childhood, illness, death, heartbreak, financial, etc. We all have been to 'hell and back' at some point of our lives. There are so many degrees of your own personal 'hell'.

You have NO idea if she was specifically referring to her marriage to Cruise. It could be anything...including her marriage to Urban.

Lame story.

636 days ago

Every woman wants a man she can look up to.

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636 days ago

While the original article does state that the "hell" she's referring to was the divorce, it also adds the subsequent loneliness. There's nothing in this that I would describe as either passive aggressive or catty.

636 days ago

That's a stretch Emily!

636 days ago

if you guys read the article that is quote was in you would know that she is referring to her divorce from psycho Tom Cruise. right after it says thats what shes referring to. i hate this website also, but i think a lot of you just comment and say nasty things because u hate the writers and the website. get it right.

2 Replies
636 days ago

I agree that YOU would go there regarding what she meant but she doesn't give a rats ass about him.

Having said that, I saw them just a few days after they were married; Tom was all over take is that she thought she couldn't have kids and adopted two; when she got pregnant (miscarried) Tom thought it was her co-star's (Ewan McGregor) and he lost his mind.

I should write here.

636 days ago

Well, we all knew that Tom Cruise was hell to deal with. Mostly - because of the Scientology. And he forced the children to "disconnect" with Nicole ...and I really believe that she was so scared of Scientology -- she agreed. If anyone thinks being married to Tom Cruise, his ego and his cult - was a lovely ordeal... I have a bridge to sell you.

636 days ago

Rams Cut Michael Sam, First Openly Gay Player Drafted in N.F.L.

636 days ago

The "writer" of this "article" does not know what passive-aggressive means.

636 days ago

So bored with loser writers like this continuing the fad of trashing Tom Cruise. Most have no idea what Scientology is about and when did trashing any religion become OK? Would you say TC and his wacky Muslim or Catholic religion? TC seems to be just fine. Good to his family and still in a successful career. Some may be jealous of his success but it appears he works hard for its pleasures and is known for being good to his fans and colleagues. Bashing TC is so 2000. Get over it.

2 Replies
636 days ago

Were you speaking English, cause I didn't understand a word you said. Something about Nicole and urban renewal and cruises. Oh, cruises are so much fun. As long as you don't spend the whole cruise in the bathroom with stinky fluids shooting out of every hole in your body. But if you manage to stay healthy, cruises are wonderful. But a vacation I recommend everyone try once in their life is driving across our beautiful country, the United States of America. If you can afford it, rent one of those luxury RV's head from the west coast to the east and back. You have to be careful so you don't end up like the Griswold's, but it is just so breathtaking and beautiful. The love and pride you feel for this great country will just expand to the nth degree. Yeah, there are some rough spots, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Wait a minute. Did you say Nicole Kidman was pregnant?

635 days ago

That wasn't a TC slam. Just months after Nicole married Keith he landed in rehab. Nicole also had to deal with maternity issues. Both of these are "Hell-ish" issues. I am not fan of Tom Cruise but your starting trouble here

635 days ago

Let's see here, your ex-husband and his religion hijack your two children from you while you are divorcing him, you barely, if ever get to see your own kids, you are threatened by him, and his religious followers, you marry a drug addict/alcoholic, whom goes in and out of rehab, til he get's it right, and it all plays out for the world to see. I'd say she has had a lifetime of hurt. I'm not a fan, but she deserves some happiness.

635 days ago

i just wasted 15 seconds reading your 'story' puke.

635 days ago

Emily might have just written the dumbest story of all time. Like, ever. Like, seriously guys.

Jackie Haller
635 days ago

One of the worst writers on the internet. Here she is folks:

1 Reply
635 days ago

As usual, a fishwrapper headline over promises and massively under delivers, leaving their readers shaking their heads and asking 'how could I have been so stupid as to clicked on that fuck!ng link again when every single time I do so I discover I've been tricked and there is nothing in the content worth reading

635 days ago

This site is the definition of "Click Bait". Do you really think people are that stupid?

635 days ago

Oh please. She gave up custody of her adoptive children in her divorce to Tom. No mother ever ever ever gives up rights to their kids without fighting tooth and nail, which she never did. She is shameful and I never met anyone who respects her after that except for gossip columnists who have to suck up in order to get access to celebrities.

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